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With a focus on sustainability all our products are created with nature in mind. We strive for a sustainable future and protecting our environment.


Supporting our local businesses and giving back to the community


By pushing the boundaries we focus on the future and making it a better place


All of our products are expertly sourced and tested to provide customers the best experience possible.

Help the Hive

Plant a Bee Garden

Plant as many native flowers in your garden as possible, so that bees have a diverse and regular food supply.

They provide great sources of nectar and pollen (both food for the bees and butterflies).

Buy local honey

Support local beekeepers who practice sustainability, so that you know where your honey is coming from.

This way you’re helping to support a farming industry that protects the bee populations.

Avoid using pesticides

Harmful chemicals causes declines in the bee populations and can make it into the honey you buy.

Try using organic solutions and buy organic honey to make sure that bees are pollinating in pesticide free areas.

You don’t have to be British to say “Long live the Queen”. Support local queen breeders & bee keepers with a small donation.

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